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This web site was originally created to support an entry into the first DARPA Grand Challenge in 2004. The site served as a repository for references, information and helpful links for team members to use in the design and development of the Challenge vehicle.

  High School Team Competes in First DARPA Grand Challenge

Responding to a call from DARPA that sought to tap into grassroots American ingenuity, a team from Palos Verdes High School entered a vehicle in the 2004 DARPA Grand Challenge. Without the resources of major research universities, the school relied on a group of mentors and generous sponsors, both locally and from across the country to make it happen. The first challenge was to conceive of a design that brought the project within the reach of the students. At the start of the project the new high school only had freshmen and sophomores, and did not offer any form of shop class, computer programming or even physics. The team used a unique integration of driving controls designed for disabled drivers (from Electronic Mobility Controls) and a stock SUV to create a viable entry.

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  News from the Desert Dispatch, 4/7/05

  2004 Grand Challenge QID Fact:

On the first day of the QID at the California Speedway, only two vehicles were able to make it out of the starting gate: The Cal Tech entry "Bob" and the PV High School entry "the Doom Buggy".

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  NPR Interview with Col. Negron

  BBC Mundo Spanish Language Coverage of the 2004 DGC
Does anyone recall the robotic camel entry at the QID?